• Lindsey Clinkingbeard

2019 PRSA Western District Conference

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

As a graduate student, I worked full-time in the Cronkite PR Lab for my final capstone. I served as an account coordinator for several clients – one of them was the 2019 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Western District Conference. My teammate Gabby Revilla and I worked alongside the WDC team throughout the semester to help plan and execute a successful event.

More than 250 professionals from 11 chapters across 5 states attended this 3-day conference focused on professional development and the future of the public relations industry. The theme of the conference was the 5 C’s of communication: career, clarity, community, content andcommunications. The theme was based off of the 5 C’s of Arizona: cattle, copper, citrus, climate, and cotton.

Gabby and I developed eye-catching infographics, created an in-depth social media campaign, attended client meetings, and planned the breakfast & break-out session with journalists at the Cronkite school. We also arranged tours of the Cronkite building for attendees. Of course, we added a 6th and final “C” to our tour group signage: Cronkite!

We partnered with graphic designer Paula Bohte to create eye-catching infographics, such as the ones for the keynote speakers below:

We also worked with Paula to implement graphics which highlighted the exciting activities that attendees could experience during the #PRSAWDC conference.


Overall, the conference was an exciting networking opportunity and our team received positive feedback from both guests and the WDC team on our work throughout the semester. Gabby and I are both incredibly proud of our work and how the event turned out!


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