• Lindsey Clinkingbeard

Cronkite Public Relations Lab

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

In the Cronkite Public Relations Lab, students gain real-world experience by creating campaigns and strategic communication for clients across the globe. The lab functions as an integrated agency under the direction of an experienced PR professional. The lab promotes collaboration and communication with teammates, fosters creativity and innovation, and enhances presentation skills as students present their work to the client at the end of the semester.

I worked full-time as a graduate student in the lab. My teammates and I developed event planning, social media calendars, storytelling, website design, and more on behalf of our clients: the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Western District Conference, Arizona State University's Experiential Learning, and Ten Across.

Our full lab team shares our final presentations in the Burns Theatre at the Cronkite school.

Our team met with Governor Doug Ducey during the Ten Across event in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the many graphics our team created to promote a PRSA Western District. The event shared a discussion with professional journalists working in the digital age.

PRSA Phoenix and PRSA Western District teams celebrate completing their final presentations.


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